Friday, September 29, 2017

Steele Meets up with Panama at 30th Street Station

 Chapter 2
The Inner Sanctum Crew

It was just before the evening rush hour when Steele caught up with Panama, outside the train station on the outskirts of center city. Dressed in light tan pants and a light palm tree shirt Panama was a small olive completed man with a mustache and goatee.

“Alexander Steele,” he tipped his straw hat and shook Steele’s hand. “Trench told me that you would be calling. As the cabbies around him picked up passengers exiting from 30th Street Panama told Steele about how he met the Fat Man and Dr. Death in prison. “We were all cellmates,” he recalled. Panama looked to the ground; “I knew that one day there would be bad blood between them, I could feel it, even back then. There were four of us, there was a guy named Eddie in our cell. He became Fat Daddy’s, right-hand man. Did Trench tell you that Eddie has
gone missing?”
Steele shook his head, “No, when did this happen?”
Panama thought for a while and said “About two weeks ago. Yeah, I remember because it was the day after my wife’s birthday.”
The cabbie looked at Steele and pointed to his head, “You see Dr. D is muy loco; he was crazy even then. If you ask me I think that he used too much of his own product, if you get my drift. Even in jail he still couldn’t get that damn monkey off his back. The Fat Man’s got issues too, he likes to gamble, a real high roller, he’s also superstitious and that makes him very paranoid my friend. He’s into astrology and all that supernatural shit. Every month he goes to the Borgata down the shore. It’s a real shame; do you know he went to Morehouse College?” Panama motioned as if he was washing his hands. “I don’t run with that crowd no more. I got a wife and kid to support.”

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