Monday, June 12, 2017

Excerpt from Death on the Delaware

Excerpt from Death on the Delaware an Alexander Steele Murder Mystery

Stan punched up a photo of a beautiful dark haired woman.  “My money's on her, Alexis the congressman’s ex-girlfriend.  Trust me on this Steele; I got plenty of experience with her type.  Vindictive as hell and will stop at nothing to get back at you.  Don’t waste your time on those others, that broad did it.  I bet he promised to divorce his wife and marry her.  Look at that face; it’s got guilty written all over it.”

Steele couldn’t control himself.  He laughed so hard he nearly fell off the couch.  “Hey man, you got some serious issues.  You need to get some help.”

“The only suspect with a solid alibi is the congressman’s wife, Megan.  As for motive, each and every one of them has a motive that’s what has me stumped.  Toxic Tim was getting closer to reconciling with his ex-wife when the sweet talking congressman swooped in and swept her off her feet.  At that point, Tim’s hopes of getting back together with his ex-went up in smoke.  Megan may have an alibi, but a two million dollar life insurance policy could be enough motivation to get doctor feel good to do her dirty work.  Let’s not forget about Congressman Holloway’s ex Alexis.  With the Congressman’s clout, she was on the fast track to becoming one of Philly’s youngest millionaires. Not only did he cut her loose forcing her to drop out of the race for DA she was forced to downsize her practice after they broke up.  You know what they say about a woman scorned.”

Stan sat on the bar stool sipping his coffee.  “So where does Naomi’s boyfriend fit in all of this?”  

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Deadly Gamble

Sunday morning, while most of the city’s 1.5 million residents were still asleep Steele was up and about.  He needed to clear his head, so he went for a jog on Kelly Drive.  Steele had this nagging feeling that he had overlooked some important detail of the case.  After jogging from under the Strawberry Mansion Bridge to the bleachers near Boathouse Row, Steele took a seat and stared at the lone sculler as he rowed past. 

Mrs. Matthews’s funeral was tomorrow; the mansion would be empty.  Steele called Tara and made arrangements to search the suspects’ rooms while they were out.  He needed more information and hoped this would be the perfect opportunity to get it.  His thoughts were interrupted by footsteps coming from behind the bleachers.  Steele reached for the small gun in his ankle holster...

Monday, June 5, 2017

Excerpt from The Deadly Gamble

"Tara’s hopeful look turned to one of bitterness.  She scoffed and briefly looked at the sky before answering the questions.

“My aunt was a slutty, gold-digging, whore.  She never gave a damn about my Uncle, and she certainly didn't love him.”  Steele waited for an answer to his first question.  When it became obvious that Tara wasn't about to give one without some prodding Steele looked at Tara and waited patiently until she reluctantly continued. 

“Come on Steele; you owe me.  I saved your life in the Bahamas” Steele waved his hand.  “Whoa, I've already decided to take the case, but I need you to be straight with me baby girl.  I need to know what the hell I'm getting myself into.”

Tara explained how two years ago her Uncle Kevin caught his wife in bed with another man.  He shot the man, but he survived.  The incident was covered up.  "It’s a small township; my uncle donates heavily to a lot of local organizations including the homeless shelter and the Police and Firefighters Fund.  It took a little persuading and a lot of cash for my aunt’s lover not to press charges.  The revised story was that he was a house guest that wandered into the dimly lit bedroom and that Uncle Kevin though he was a bugler.   After the shooting, he vowed to kill her if he ever caught her with another man."

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Alexander Steele Mystery Trilogy Audible Reviews

Customer Reviews

By SMS on September 29, 2017
Format: Audible Audio Edition
I really liked this book. It kind of took me by surprise how good it is, considering the lack of reviews. The story drew me right in, the characters were strong and interesting, and the mystery was actually a mystery (I wasn't able to figure it all out immediately). The writing is a bit rough in a few places, but it doesn't take away from the story itself.

The narrator is definitely a star. The book comes to life with the narration. The pacing, pronunciation, voice acting, and emotion come through. The performance isn't flat or over the top. Although I haven't listened to anything by this narrator before, it definitely seems like a professional job and I would seek out audiobooks narrated by him in the future.

I received a free copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left my honest review. The free copy did not influence my review in any way.

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