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Alexander Steele in West Philly


Excerpt from Case of the Death Dealer
Chapter 1

The cool evening breeze didn’t seem to faze the crowd of music lovers as they tapped their feet and bobbed their heads to the Latin rhythms of music legend Carlos Santana. The open-air venue on the west side in Philly’s Fairmount Park was the perfect night out for Alexander Steele and his longtime girlfriend Shakia.

Shakia ignored the occasional pungent scent of marijuana wafting past her nose. Feeling a chill in the air she tugged on her powder blue shawl and snuggled up closer to Steele. An interior designer by profession Shakia, dressed in royal blue pants and a white top could have easily been mistaken for a model. When the concert came to a close Steele, the six foot browned skin ex-detective looked around.  As he stroked the corners of his mustache Steele wondered if getting front row seats was worth the hassle of dealing with the crowds after the show.

As the two made their way through the crowd to the parking lot Shakia gently held onto his arm while the couple discussed the concert. Steele made a habit of parking close to the brightly lit parking lot lights in case an old enemy or two should be lurking about. It didn’t take long for him to notice the small white piece of paper tucked neatly under the driver’s windshield of his midnight blue Jag.
He unfolded the paper and read the note.
Steele, meet me on the corner of 57th and Master at 11:00 tonight. It’s a matter of life or death, signed Trench.
Shakia folded her arms and looked toward the stars in the night sky, it was clear that Steele’s usually calm girlfriend was upset by the note. “Oh hell no, what does that low life bastard want now?”
Shakia was known for her kindness, she shared a mutual respect with just about everyone she knew but when it came to Trench respect went out the window and Shakia never held back. “He’s bad news baby. Everything he touches turns to …”
Steele placed his index finger over her lips. When she noticed that more than a few people in the parking lot were watching she dropped her arms to her side and let out a sigh.  Early on in their relationship Shakia learned that Steele was a confident man who always made his own decisions. Not only did she respect him for that she admired his confidence.

Steele read the letter again aloud, “A matter of life and death,” he said.
Shakia pranced around in a small circle, you could hear her heels clicking against the parking lot’s asphalt, “Life or death alright,” she muttered, “yeah probably his.”
Steele checked his watch, 10:45. ‘How did he know I was here?’ he wondered. He explained to Shakia that lives may be at stake; and how he didn’t want that to be on his conscience.

It was exactly 11:00 p.m. when Steele rounded the corner and parked his car in front of the corner lot on Master Street. A few seconds later a black Escalade slowly pulled up behind him.
Steele patted Shakia on the hand, “I won’t be long baby.”
Shakia watched silently as he got out of the car. She always joked with her girlfriends about her boyfriends looks. She would say, he’s like Denzel and Billy Dee combined but was always quick to add Billy Dee when he was in his prime.

Steele stood face to face with the man he had grown up with and had learned to despise. The stockily built man wore a dark blue jogging suit, his hair was cut close. His mustache seemed to grow a little wider when he smiled at Steele.
When Trench reached out to shake hands the small diamond studded earring in his left ear glistened through the darkness. “Alexander Steele in the flesh, man I wasn’t sure if you were gonna show.”

Steele pretended not to see Trench’s outstretched hand, “Okay Trench, what’s up? Why am I here?”
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