Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Return of the Deadly Trio - An Alexander Steele Murder Mystery

Excerpt from The Return of the Deadly Trio

There is a price to pay for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Sometimes that penalty can be harsh or even fatal.  On this chilly, fall afternoon the timing couldn’t have been worse for the unsuspecting traveler returning home to Philadelphia.  Soon deadly events would rapidly spiral out of control, drawing private investigator Alexander Steele into yet another mysterious, deadly encounter.  This time will be different, this time it’s personal. 

Just after four p.m., a dozen or so cabbies milled around the string of idling taxis on the west side of the 30th Street Train Station.  Several cab drivers watched as a large black man struggled to get his two heavy, brown suitcases through the double doors.  Once he reached the car, the cabbie manhandled the bags into the trunk of the first cab.  The big man paused to look at the number on the side of the taxi.  He turned to the driver and smiled.

“#3153 hey that’s my lucky number.  Something good's gonna happen to me today.” 

The man slide into the back seat, as he was about to close the door a tall, thin man distracted him. The man bolted through the train stations doors clutching a silver, metal case. 
“Hold that cab!”
The stranger with the long dark hair and foreign accent had that unmistakable look of fear in his eyes.  His voice trembled when he shouted.  The desperate looking man managed to get the attention of the cab driver as well as the man in the back seat.  The passenger seemed startled and mildly confused.  There were plenty of cabs.  He didn’t understand why the stranger was in such a hurry until he noticed two angry looking gunmen in hot pursuit.  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Excerpt from The Deadly Gamble a Short Story from the Alexander Steele Murder Mystery Series

Steele thanked Audrey for her time.  He wanted to pick the chef’s brain for more information but just as he turned away from Audrey there was a flash of lighting followed by the deafening crackle of a thunder boom so intense it rattled windows in the den off the main entrance.  The storm had continued to intensify.  As Audrey ascended up the winding staircase the front door flew open.  Strong winds along with rain and a few leaves swirled around inside as Pablo entered the room.  Steele was more than a little unhappy to see the long silver machete in his hand.  Pablo and Steele exchanged icy stares before Steele turned his attention to the glistening, wet, steel blade dripping water onto the carpet.  

The Deadly Gamble
Just $1.00

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Deadly Gamble - Suspect list

The Deadly Gamble

There's been a double murder on the grounds of Amber Hill Manor. Kevin Matthew's wife Melissa and pool boy Sam were found dead inside a locked shed.
Follow the clues and catch the killer(s) in The Deadly Gamble. A short story from the Alexander Steele murder mystery series.

Husband – Kevin Matthews
Doubled wife’s life insurance policy to six million dollars shortly after catching his wife having an affair with the last pool boy.

Sister in law – Daniela Matthews was also known as Kitty.
Professional high stakes poker player. Disliked her brother’s wife. Rumored to have had an affair with the pool boy who Mr. Matthews thinks is gay.

Maid – Audrey
Likes to play the Power Ball lottery. Would loose her job if the Matthews move to Florida.

Butler/cook – Antonio
Would also be out of a job.

Groundskeeper – Pablo
likes to bet on the horses. Owed Mrs. Robinson a large sum of money she threatens to withhold his pay until the debt was paid.

The Chauffeur – Chris
Will bet on anything  Once placed a wager on how long it would take a bead of sweat to drop from a man's face.  Had joked with the staff about killing the pool boy


The Deadly Gamble - An Alexander Steele Murder Mystery

Friday, July 22, 2016

Death on the Delaware Chapter #4 Dirty Little Secrets

Excerpt from Death on the Delaware
A Short Story from the Alexander Steele Murder Mystery Series

"Two cups of coffee later Steele was feeling better about the case.  He learned that Toxic Tim had a DUI and that the doctor had a pilot’s license.  What really grabbed his attention was the congressmen's ex-girlfriend friend Alexis.  Alexis's new law firm was located on Chestnut Street in downtown Philly.  Struggling to pay the bills she threw her hat into the ring in a run for District Attorney.  With a salary of $172,000 a year her money problems would have been solved but when Congressman Holloway endorsed her opponent she was forced to drop out of the race.  Two weeks ago with the bills piling up she had no choice but to move her law practice to a dinky office in southwest Philly.

Steele got dress and headed off to Shakia’s place.  According to reports from the news on his car radio Alexis had been contacted by the police.  She had been away for the weekend on a preplanned ski trip in the Poconos.  There was still no sign of Jennifer the late congressman’s girlfriend.

Steele was hungry, not just for breakfast but for information.  He wasted no time putting Naomi on the hot seat at the breakfast table.  "Do you recognize the man in this picture?" Steele passed her the photo of Senator Green in disguise leaving the hotel.  Naomi looked at the picture then passed it back to Steele.  She shook her head, “no, should I?”  Shakia sat quietly as she watched the exchange between Steele and her sister.  Steele calmly slides the photo back to Naomi.  “Yes, you should.  It’s a picture of your boyfriend leaving the hotel the other night.” Naomi held up the picture.  “Steele, I can explain why he left the hotel that night.” Shakia sighed as she folded her arms and leaned back in her chair.  Naomi seemed nervous."

Who killed Congressman Holloway? 
Philly Private investigator Alexander Steele is hired to solve the murder of a controversial Philadelphia politician.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Excerpt from Alexander Steele Death on the Delaware

Excerpt from Alexander Steele Death on the Delaware
A short Story from the Alexander Steele Murder Mystery series

"The gray-haired retiree had no idea that she would soon feel a different chill, one she would never forget.  As she walked along the frozen dirt path Gladys began to bark.  Mrs. Ferguson looked in the same direction as the little black dog.  Dawn was breaking.  It was difficult to see.  She squinted as she peered towards the water.  Gladys tugged on her leash causing her master to leave the path and tread closer to the river.

Mrs. Ferguson caught a glimpse of something floating in the murky water.  An old rotten log she, though.  The elderly woman’s curiosity had gotten the better of her.  She inched closer to get a better look.   Seconds later Mrs. Ferguson screamed so loud she could have woke up the dead……….well almost.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Philly Murder Mysteries

Excerpt from Alexander Steele and the Case of the Missing Men

Coming this fall

Several uneventful days had passed.  During that time, Steele had been wrestling with his conscience as to whether he should make yet another enemy by pursuing Alejandro and his slave theory.  It was Sunday afternoon; those fortunate souls who could afford to have spent the weekend at the shore would be headed back to the city while everyone who stayed at home baked in the sweltering heat.  

Steele guided his Jag around the turn into Stan’s street. There was a dark gray sedan blocking traffic in front of Stan’s place.  As Steele drove up the street he caught a glimpse of a black SUV pulling up behind him from his rear view mirror. Within seconds, he was boxed in.  Steele watched as two men from each car got out and stood staring at him.  If this had been an ambush he would have already been dead. Steele showed little reaction as he slid from behind the wheel. He walked to the back of his car and leaned against the trunk waiting for the man behind the tinted glass to show himself.  As expected Steele’s nemesis and local pain in the ass slowly emerged from the vehicle. Steele crossed his arms, “Trench, now why am I not surprised?”  Trench reeked of marijuana.  His eyes were glassy and he looked tired.  Under normal circumstances, Steele would have been more than a little concerned about facing the man he had put a bullet in especially since he was heavily outnumbered.  Trench flicked the ashes off of the joint he was smoking.  

“Hello Steele, you forced me into meeting you this way since I am not welcomed in your club.”  He slowly waved his hand, ” it’s cool.  I’m not holding a grudge, but we need to talk.  This time, you gonna listen.”  Trench looked at his crew to make sure Steele got the point.  Steele’s cell phone began ringing.  Steele held up his index finger, “hold that thought, I gotta take this.”  Steele answered the phone and handed it to Trench, “it’s for you.  A surprised Trench answered the phone and listened to the voice on the other end.  

“Look up at the second-floor windows dumb ass.”  Trench and his men looked up at Stan’s second floor where Stan, Johnny, Sugar Bear, and Roger were all pointing guns down on Trench and his men in the street.  Steele smiled at Trench, “half the people in this city know I come here on Sunday’s including you.  If you want to talk tell you minions to take a walk.”  Trench sent his men away and continued his conversation.  “The last time we talked you said you won’t help me not that you couldn’t.  Well you know I ain’t one to beg but I’m asking you for old time sake to help me out.”   Trench took a toke on his joint and stared at Steele. “Being the super sleuth that you are you probably figured out that I’m the guy who told Half Dead that you’re the one who did in his baby brother.  When he finds out it was me I’m a dead man.  Most of my crew got wiped out at the massacre.  I’m toxic man, can’t you see that.”  

Trench’s plea was interrupted by a young guy blowing his horn.  He wanted Steele to move his car so that he could pass.  Trench walked over and pulled up his shirt to show the driver the gun tucked down inside his pants.  The man quickly put the car in reverse and backed out of the street.  Steele looked up at Stan’s windows and waved his friends off before turning back to Trench.  “You have ruined a lot of lives man.  I don’t know.”  Trench flicked the joint into the street, for the first time in all the years they have known each other Steele saw a look he thought he never would see.  It was a look of fear.  “Listen, man, I’m not a miracle worker.  I’m not making any promises but I’ll see what I can do.”