Friday, July 22, 2016

Death on the Delaware Chapter #4 Dirty Little Secrets

Excerpt from Death on the Delaware
A Short Story from the Alexander Steele Murder Mystery Series

"Two cups of coffee later Steele was feeling better about the case.  He learned that Toxic Tim had a DUI and that the doctor had a pilot’s license.  What really grabbed his attention was the congressmen's ex-girlfriend friend Alexis.  Alexis's new law firm was located on Chestnut Street in downtown Philly.  Struggling to pay the bills she threw her hat into the ring in a run for District Attorney.  With a salary of $172,000 a year her money problems would have been solved but when Congressman Holloway endorsed her opponent she was forced to drop out of the race.  Two weeks ago with the bills piling up she had no choice but to move her law practice to a dinky office in southwest Philly.

Steele got dress and headed off to Shakia’s place.  According to reports from the news on his car radio Alexis had been contacted by the police.  She had been away for the weekend on a preplanned ski trip in the Poconos.  There was still no sign of Jennifer the late congressman’s girlfriend.

Steele was hungry, not just for breakfast but for information.  He wasted no time putting Naomi on the hot seat at the breakfast table.  "Do you recognize the man in this picture?" Steele passed her the photo of Senator Green in disguise leaving the hotel.  Naomi looked at the picture then passed it back to Steele.  She shook her head, “no, should I?”  Shakia sat quietly as she watched the exchange between Steele and her sister.  Steele calmly slides the photo back to Naomi.  “Yes, you should.  It’s a picture of your boyfriend leaving the hotel the other night.” Naomi held up the picture.  “Steele, I can explain why he left the hotel that night.” Shakia sighed as she folded her arms and leaned back in her chair.  Naomi seemed nervous."

Who killed Congressman Holloway? 
Philly Private investigator Alexander Steele is hired to solve the murder of a controversial Philadelphia politician.

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