Monday, June 12, 2017

Excerpt from Death on the Delaware

Excerpt from Death on the Delaware an Alexander Steele Murder Mystery

Stan punched up a photo of a beautiful dark haired woman.  “My money's on her, Alexis the congressman’s ex-girlfriend.  Trust me on this Steele; I got plenty of experience with her type.  Vindictive as hell and will stop at nothing to get back at you.  Don’t waste your time on those others, that broad did it.  I bet he promised to divorce his wife and marry her.  Look at that face; it’s got guilty written all over it.”

Steele couldn’t control himself.  He laughed so hard he nearly fell off the couch.  “Hey man, you got some serious issues.  You need to get some help.”

“The only suspect with a solid alibi is the congressman’s wife, Megan.  As for motive, each and every one of them has a motive that’s what has me stumped.  Toxic Tim was getting closer to reconciling with his ex-wife when the sweet talking congressman swooped in and swept her off her feet.  At that point, Tim’s hopes of getting back together with his ex-went up in smoke.  Megan may have an alibi, but a two million dollar life insurance policy could be enough motivation to get doctor feel good to do her dirty work.  Let’s not forget about Congressman Holloway’s ex Alexis.  With the Congressman’s clout, she was on the fast track to becoming one of Philly’s youngest millionaires. Not only did he cut her loose forcing her to drop out of the race for DA she was forced to downsize her practice after they broke up.  You know what they say about a woman scorned.”

Stan sat on the bar stool sipping his coffee.  “So where does Naomi’s boyfriend fit in all of this?”  

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