Friday, October 6, 2017

Steele Has a Mexican Standoff at Jeweler's Row

 Excerpt from The Deadly Ring
Chapter 3

Steele was on the move. He had no problem finding the jewelry shop. Steele peered inside the window of the small shop and witnessed a man and a woman arguing near the back.

The sign on the front door window said closed but since the door was unlocked he let himself in. As Steele entered the shop he didn’t recognize who the woman was but the man with the long black hair in the ponytail was bad news. His name was Nickolas D'Angelo aka Notorious Nick. The shop was in disarray. Draws were left open and the contents of several boxes had been dumped onto the glass counters and floor. The arguing stopped when they saw Steele headed their way. He could see the young lady was upset and had been crying. Nick stood at about 5’ 10”. He was lean and muscular with biceps that bulged through his tight black tee shirt.

Nick turned to Steele and smiled. “Alexander Steele, I always knew one day you would stick your nose into our business affairs. I heard about your little run-in at the cemetery this afternoon.”

Steele hunched his shoulders, “the funeral business is a little slow these days so I thought I’d help them out.”

Nick’s smile vanished faster than an ice sickle in front of a red-hot blowtorch. “That was my cousin, you bastard.” 


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