Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Deadly Ring Excerpt

As the two sat sipping hot coffee in front of the big screen Stan pulled up an image of the main branch of the Philadelphia Library on Vine Street just off the Parkway. He put down his cup and began tapping on the black keyboard.

“The police picked up a guy around two a.m. on the steps of the library the same night your friend from the Vatican was supposed to be there. His estimated age was between 62 and 70. No ID. Died from a heart attack. This could be your guy.”

Steele starred at the picture of the building on the screen. He noticed the gray security camera’s mounted on the corners of the building. “Stan, can you hack into the libraries security system?

Stan quipped, “Is the Pope Catholic?”

By the time Steele was about to pour his third cup of hot, strong, Arabian coffee Stan put down the keyboard, clapped his hands as he rose slightly from the sofa. “Yes! I still got it bro.”

Steele and Stan watched quietly as a balding, gray-haired man sat nervously on the library steps. It was a clear night. The grainy footage was in black and white. It was like watching a silent movie from the forties. The only difference was the clock timer clicking down the seconds and minutes in the bottom left-hand corner. 11:45, the man got up and walked out of the camera’s view. 11:50 he returns and waits until 11:57 when he is approached by a man with his back turned to the camera. A brief conversation takes place then some completely unexpected catches Steele by surprise. A sudden flash of light appears near the second man’s hand and the older balding man lurched backward and falls onto the steps like a rag doll. Seeming unfazed by the motionless man the attacker looks around then quickly rummages through the old man's pockets before running off into the night.

Steele rose from his seat, “Stan, stop the tape!” Stan was puzzled, “what the hell was that ” he asked. Steele’s look went from curious to serious as he pondered his friend’s question.
Stan re-ran the video until he reached the part with the flashing light. “There, Steele pointed, look at his hand. Can you zoom in any closer?"  Stan nodded and tapped on a few keys.  Steele watched intently.  He crossed his arms and squinted at the screen watching as the assailant’s hand grew larger in the darkness.  "Okay Stan, run it back and slow it down this time.”  After watching the enhanced footage Steele's suspicion had been confirmed. 


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